Company established in 1996


To produce and commercialize products of high quality destined to the improvement of our consumers life quality, valuing the collaborators and the community, always working with security and respecting peaple´s life and the environment.

• Give our costumers the best products;
• Respect and valuation of the peaple;
• Strong partnership, searching the growth and longevity;
• Security and respect to the environment.

Our company recently acquired an agricultural area of 1,210 ha in the neighbouring city of Santo Antonio do Leverger - MT. based on the concept of ORGANIC AGRICULTURE, we intend to recoup the margins that we find deforested of Cuiaba River with the culture of guarana and other Amazonian and native species, without the use of chemical products and with responsible ambient handling. Our objectives with this are:
1. To obtain more abundant and uniform raw material;
2. To use the local resident man power, magnifying the income and improving the standart of life of the peaple from the region.

Our company has the following registers:
1. Register in the National Agency of Sanitary Monitoring;
2. Register in the Regional Council of Chemistry, 16ª Region, nº 00576-F;
3. Register in the Ministry of Agriculture and Suppllying under nº MT 07017-3.


by Alexandre Dávalos